Daily Swear November 21, 2017

Swears from Bruce and His Human, Erin Matts

When Erin Matts walks down the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn’s Dumbo enclave, she’s usually being tugged by her ginormous Labrador-Mastiff mix, Bruce. While Erin is at work or traveling for her role as the CEO of a top digital advertising agency, Bruce is also hard at work, asleep in the home office at the heels of Erin’s husband, a writer. Erin and her husband have made it their mission to rescue and adopt senior Labs, giving lots of love and care to older dogs who have been abandoned. “Everybody wants to adopt a puppy,” says Erin. “Health care for senior dogs can be expensive and it can be a heartbreaking journey at times, but older dogs need families, too.” Lucky dogs. And lucky us: Erin and Bruce opened up their Brooklyn apartment to share some of the things that they SwearBy…

1. Miele ‘Cat and Dog’ Vacuum

“If you have an apartment and a dog that sheds, you vacuum at LEAST once a day, so a good vacuum is essential. When you look at the price of this one, you’re like, what?! My first car didn’t cost that. But then you think about all the cheaper vacuums that you’ve bought that do nothing more than push the hair around. I think it’s really worth it to suck up the dog hair and keep your house relatively clean. We have another one at our cabin upstate, because he’s just as furry up there as he is here.”

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2. Earthbath Grooming Wipes

“Essential for city dogs after walks. Just wipe your dog’s paws before they come into your house and get street grime all over your furniture. I love these because they’re natural, alcohol-free, and smell so nice, like green tea.”

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3. Easy-Walk Harness

“Bruce is 108 pounds of love. If you have a medium to large-sized dog that’s not so good on the leash, this harness is a game-changer. Instead of those collars that pinch, this harness just hugs the dog’s legs so you can easily redirect them. It’s a super gentle, humane way to walk my dog.”

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4. Away Suitcase

“Away was flooding my Facebook feed with ads and they eventually wore me down. Since I travel all the time, I figured I’d give it a try. And it really is awesome. Well-designed, super lightweight, and even though it has a hard case, it does give a little bit. The best feature is that you can charge your phone, and it works really fast. And monogram, of course.”

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5. "Pattern Behavior" by Natalie Kossar

“I really enjoy reading, so it’s funny that I’m swearing by a book that doesn’t require so much of it. I pre-ordered this book months ago and it just came in the mail. I love it. The concept started as a Tumblr, where the author would take all of these retro clothing pattern illustrations and write hilarious captions for them. They’re laugh-out-loud funny and just silly. My mom used to sew my clothes, and she would always have these weird, 50’s-esque looking patterns from McCall’s hanging around, so I bought one for her, too. And I love that it started online and now I have an old-fashioned printed book. How weird is that?”

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