Swear Profile July 18, 2018

SwearBy’s Kate Foster Lengyel Shares Her Summer Swears for Moms

Preparing for family summer getaways can make any busy mom a little antsy. So, what does the woman behind SwearBy swear by for herself and the kids this summer? A cute tote full of well-organized beauty essentials and more to keep everyone happy and cared for all season long. “Personal organization was never at the top of my skillset,” says SwearBy founder Kate Foster Lengyel. “I kid you not, I once found a week-old hard boiled egg in a Ziploc that I forgot to eat at the bottom of my work tote. It was not my finest moment, and I vowed to get it together a little bit more after that. I’m in a good rhythm right now with having all of our summer necessities organized and ready to go for the beach, weekend trips, and evenings out. A little preparation —and the right products — make all the difference.” Read on to learn the must-haves that Kate swears by in her beach tote, which amounts to the summer survival kit that any busy mom could use this season.

1. Paper Source Tote Bag

“I’m a sucker for paper stores. I like to just wander in to Paper Source when I have a second to get inspired by all the cute, seasonally-themed trinkets. For the last few years, I’ve bought a little tote at the start of the season because they’re so darn cute and inexpensive. They aren’t super sturdy, so I wear it out during the season, and then use it as a vehicle for handing off my kids’ hand-me-downs to a friend. Then, rinse and repeat the following year.”

beaching in style

2. Sunday Forever Coconuts Fragrance

“To me, this fragrance just smells like summer. It’s got that vacation vibe, but there’s a deeper note in there somewhere that balances it out and gives it some gravitas so it doesn’t smell cheap or gimmicky. A smart and sexy coconut, if you will. I give a little spritz in the morning or after the beach, and I swear it instantly lifts my mood.”

The sexy secretary of coconuts

3. A Beach Beauty "Go Bag"

“I carry a little pouch from Baggu in my beach tote, which I love because their pouches are light, sturdy, and easy to clean. Case in point, this one just had chocolate ice cream on it before we shot it. Inside are my beach beauty essentials. I’m a huge fan of a Neutrogena stick sunscreen because my kids will actually let me apply it to their faces. I make sunscreen application a game by saying ‘whiskers, whiskers, moustache, beard, superhero’ while drawing those shapes on their faces so they think it’s fun and will stay still. I’m also more likely to reapply an invisible stick on myself to prevent obliviously walking down the boardwalk with a big, white sunscreen streak on my face. (Which has happened to me more than once.) Then, I love the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm because it has SPF 15 and gives a bit of color to a makeup-less beach face.  Post-beach, I use these towelettes from Burt’s Bees to clean off the sunscreen gunk (and aforementioned ice cream) to feel refreshed. And bonus, they are gentle enough for the kids’ sensitive faces, too.”

beauty bag for the road

4. Native "Jefferson" Slip-On Sneaker

“This isn’t a groundbreaking Swear, but Archie, SwearBy’s A+ intern, is quite persnickety when it comes to putting on — and keeping on — his shoes. I’ve always been anti-plastic shoes, equally for aesthetic and comfort purposes, but these Natives fit the bill. They are so easy to get on and off, he’s never had a blister from wearing them, and he’s free to roam to any splash pad or puddle he likes without me going crazy.”

easy sneaks

5. Fairy Tales Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo and Lemon-Aid Conditioner

“If you have children who are frequent summer swimmers, you’re familiar with how chlorine creates dry and brittle hair. And if you have fair-haired kids like mine, you know it will turn their hair green! This shampoo and conditioner strips out the bad stuff and restores their hair to the soft and shiny spun gold it once was. I make sure they use it any day they’ve been in the pool. Me, too!”

fairy tales this way

6. Bunch-O-Balloons Instant Water Balloons

“How did we ever survive water balloon fights in days of yore where you had to fill and tie every single balloon by hand? Practically medieval! These instant water balloons have been a game-changer for quick and easy backyard fun. As long as nobody gets hit in the face.”

quick cool down

7. Reusable Space Stickers

“Nothing soothes the savage beast (aka Archie) after a long, tiring day at the beach like these stickers. At three and a half years old, he’s really into outer space and this book has a ton of stickers to keep him occupied and curious, whether he’s in the car on the way home or at a restaurant for dinner. Ryan, who is six, likes them, too. They also have ocean, dinosaurs, zoo animals, whatever your kid may like. It’s so easy to toss in to a bag and I feel like it’s a good value for the amount of stickers that come in a single book.”

stay busy, my friends
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