SwearBy Gift Guide December 1, 2017

SwearByGuy Gift Guide: Gifts for Dudes

If you’re stressing over finding a gift for your husband, brother, dad, or boyfriend who doesn’t know he’s your boyfriend yet (but is definitely your boyfriend), you are not alone. Even the least picky of guys can be difficult to shop for…because you care, dammit! So that’s why we tapped into the guys of SwearBy – and those who love them – to find honest recommendations for highly Swearable gifts for guys. A few of our favorites below:

1. Echo Dot

“This is my go-to for guys who have ‘everything’. To make it a bit more personal, I’ll add a note of things they should ask Alexa once they set the Echo Dot up – setting an alarm for the gym, the weekend weather, football scores, ordering toilet paper from Amazon, a reminder of their mom’s birthday, etc – so they know where to start. Once you get in the habit of having Alexa as a personal assistant, it’s hard to go back.” – Alyssa

Hey, Alexa

2. Apple AirPods

“I think the AirPods are one of those products that had to catch on, fashion wise, before they became popular. I used them for the first time on a video shoot and it was really freeing not having to worry about holding my phone or wires. I immediately picked up a pair and I’ve used them every day since!” – Brian

Buy them at Apple

3. Morris Kitchen Grapefruit Honey Mixer

“These cocktail mixers are legit. If he likes elaborate craft cocktails but doesn’t want to take the time to add all 13 ingredients, just add bourbon and you’re in business. Not too sweet, non-GMO and pairs with just about any liquor imaginable.” – Kim

Cheers! Get Yours Here

4. Best Made Co Leather Card Case

“My particular guy, Roger, is not a wallet man. He’d use a rubber band if he could, but he’ll settle for a card case because they are less bulky in the pocket than wallets. This one is streamlined but functional, and the leather just gets better and better with age.” – Kate 

Check out Best Made Co.

5. Oakley Sunglasses

“These are the most classic, utilitarian, good looking, long-lasting sunglasses. Every guy should have a pair.” – Sam

View on Amazon

6. Away Suitcase

If you travel, like our friends Erin and Tommy, you feel strongly about your gear. While Tommy may opt for the Raden Suitcase, Erin swears by Away luggage because its sleek, simple, yet hi-tech design is lightweight yet solid.  She says the best feature is that you can charge your phone on top (pretty cool), not to mention in-house monogramming, making it the perfect gift for your favorite jet-setter.

Start Packing Here

7. Baxter Clay Pomade

“It’s always difficult to find a product with a solid matte finish that doesn’t weigh down my hair. With this pomade, I can run my hands through my hair and it’ll stay, but it doesn’t feel like ‘Jersey Shore’ gel. It was recommended to me at Fellow Barber in the West Village, and now I’m a loyalist. I preach to the gospel of Baxter. It’s also unscented, which is ideal for me personally.” – Brian

Available on Amazon

8. SONY A600 Camera

Nicole swears by this SONY because it’s a lightweight alternative to a DSLR with wi-fi capabilities that is “perfect for social media, traveling, whatever. It has good picture quality and interchangeable lenses if you want to upgrade. It’s the perfect camera for the casual photographer, or anyone looking for a camera that’s portable, but still high-quality!”

If you’ve got buxdeluxe to spend and high-end design is your thing, Tommy says that the Leica TL2 Mirrorless Camera is “insane and so well done.” Your choice!

Available on Amazon

9. Pawbo Dog Cam & Treat Dispenser

The perfect gift for man and man’s best friend.

Our friend Sara loves this dog cam because she “can check on [her dog] Benji anytime, from anywhere.  There’s also a treat dispenser, a laser game and a speaker, so your pet can hear you – even when you’re not there.”

Available on Amazon

10. Best Made Co Strongbox

Alexa swears Best Made Co is the best store for guys’ everything. This durable and stylish little lockbox is the perfect gift for an organized guy (or the wife who wants him to be). Empty pocket trinkets into the box and never lose a thing. Looks cool on a dresser, too.

View on Best Made Co.
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