Zwilling Aurora Stainless Steel 8 Quart Stockpot

With a satin-finished stainless steel body and mirror-finished handles, this stylish, Belgian-made cookware adds aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Featuring a beautiful logo nameplate, the ergonomic, stay cool handles ensure easy maneuvering and are securely riveted.The 5-Ply fully clad construction boasts perfect browning, outstanding frying, and stellar searing. Even cooking is guaranteed with the superior heat conduction and flat base stability, which prevents the pans from bulging. Enjoy uncomplicated cooking thanks to the dripless pouring rims and tight fitting, energyefficient lids.

This is the pot you need for making things like broths and cooking large amounts of pastas. 8 quarts is pretty big, so you won’t have to worry about the water boiling over if you step away to grab something out of the fridge while your pasta’s cooking away in its salted-like-the-sea water. I highly recommend grabbing the matching steamer basket to steam veggies like artichokes and potatoes.

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