Woman of Color by Latonya Yvette

A powerful and inspired collection of essays and real-world advice on style, beauty, and motherhood from the popular blogger LaTonya Yvette LaTonya Yvette, the blogger and stylist behind the eponymous site, is unapologetically candid about life's trials,

I read this entire book in 2 short visits to the beach. I LOVED it! I felt validated in every way. LaTonya is able to take you on a journey of everyday trials and explain them in the most eloquent way. I felt like I learned a complete lifetime about her and her views on life in 189 easy to read pages. She includes interviews from other woman throughout the book, to break up the sections of her life, which I thoroughly enjoyed! This is a book you can read while watching the kids, as it is divided in a way that you can walk away and come back without missing a beat. This is a must read and a PERFECT BEACH READ!

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