Washi Tape

30 rolls of washi tape - Tape sizes: 0.6 inch(15mm) W x 10(3m)ft L includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple and more rainbow colors. HIGH QUALITY - our washi tape set is produced under high standard quality control, so all the washi tapes are evenly sized and of great quality. SIMPLE TO USE - Easy to tear without leaving behind glue and can be torn easily without the aid of tools. If tiled wrongly, just pull up and paste again, it will not leave any glue stains! you can even write on the tapes.

Stick pieces of tape all over the "travel" area. For car rides, leave some hanging loosely from the window, across the car seat, from the mirror etc. On flights, leave some hanging from the window, the seat in front, etc. It's also a very portable craft for making patterns and "roads" for toy cars for a toddler! Truly great and portable for babies and toddlers +

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