Bychari Vote Necklace

Ready to rock the vote? Do it in style with our coveted VOTE necklace. Our best selling piece, this necklace was designed for powerhouse women who let their voices be heard, especially at the polls. Michelle Obama donned this piece at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, encouraging people to do just that: have a say and vote. The VOTE necklace is available in 14K yellow, rose, and white gold in small, large, or diamond letters. Pick your style and say your piece!

Let’s be honest: it is the dream to twin with Michelle Obama, and what better way to do just that than with this oh so cute Vote necklace? Our favorite first lady donned this beautiful piece at the 2020 Democaratic National Convention in order to encourage people to get out there and vote, and we think it is the perfect accessory leading up to Election Day (mark your calendars for November 3rd!).

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