The O'Clocks Collection

Our gorgeous collection of adaptogenic blends, supports you through the peaks and valleys of your day. And your night. Designed to take throughout the day, each blend offers what you need come morning, afternoon and night. Find grace, focus, balance and a calm, cool energy while you conquer stress and find your beauty.

Adaptogens are a broad category of herbs and plants that help your body manage physical and emotional stress. The O'Clocks Collection from CAP Beauty are powders that contain adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs that help me feel alert and focused in the AM, revived in the afternoon, and ready for rest in the evening. Because they work with your body's unique needs, they feel like they give me just what I need in the moment and nothing extraneous. I add the 8 O'Clock to my morning matcha latte, the 4 O'Clock to an afternoon tea, and the 10 O'Clock to hot water for a relaxing bedtime drink.

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