PurifyLifeStill Point Inducer Neck Stretcher

Chiropractic Tool For Easing Tension Headaches, Stress, Back and Shoulder Pain, Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain . Relax In One Simple Step. Inducing a Still Point may help in: Providing deep relaxation and helping reduce stress, Relieving headaches, Easing chronic musculoskeletal pain, Enhancing immune system efficiency, Facilitating your body's self-correcting abilities, Promoting an overall sense of well-being. This Still Point Inducer™ was inspired by Osteopathic Physician John E. Upledger, developer of CranioSacral Therapy. A Still Point is a pause in the craniosacral rhythm and may have many health benefits.

There is nothing better than a yummy savasana neck rub, am I right? When you lie down on a Still Point Inducer (right on the occipital ridge), it has that same, delicious, calming effect. This tiny little tool (dubbed "the red boobs" by my husband) lengthens out my neck, reduces my neck pain, shoulder pain, and relaxes me in no time flat. This was first recommended to me by my physical therapist, Toni McGinley, over a decade ago, when we were working on fixing my then straight cervical spine. I now recommend it to many of my private yoga clients, and it makes all of the difference!

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