Staub Cast Iron Fry Pan

The Staub fry pan browns foods beautifully, be it chicken breasts, potatoes, or bacon. The enameled black matte interior imparts texture, promoting exceptional browning. Cast iron offers steady, even heat distribution, so the temperature of the pan won't drop as you cook. Low, curved sides make it easy to flip the food, which releases easily.Staub enameled cast iron cookware is the choice of the world's best chefs. With exceptional durability, it is perfect for day-to-day use in both gourmet home kitchens and prestigious restaurants around the world. Each piece transitions beautifully from the kitchen to the table. Built to last a lifetime, these heirloom pieces can be passed from generation to generation.

Every cook needs a good party trick, and this is the pan you need if you want to make a perfect, restaurant style steak. It gets hot hot hot, which means you can get a nice even crust! And it’s good for way more than that, think skillet cookies, skillet cornbread, pan-fried veggies, the list goes on and on. And just like the aforementioned dutch oven, it too is enamel coated and ready to go straight out of the box.

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