Slip Silk Pillowcase

Beauty sleep reinvented with this soft silk pillowcase from Slip. Made using their signature slipsilk™ with 100% pure grade silk and long strand pure mulberry silk for a pillowcase that’s easy on your skin + hair. Cotton is rough on hair + skin, irritating and damaging it through the night. Slipsilk™ is so gentle, helping your skin retain its moisture and your hair from breaking. Created in 2003 in response to irritated skin + damaged hair, Slip creates soft pillowcases + eye masks to enhance shiny locks and the deepest beauty sleep.

Probably the priciest thing I swear by but I LOVE my Slip Silk pillowcase for so many reasons.
Firstly, I never get my pillow stolen by my husband anymore ;)
Secondly, in my old age I've been really noticing how much products affect my skin - and hard bad sheets have come up as a culprit to a lot of dry, red itchy skin issues for me.
The Slip Silk pillowcase leaves my face crease free in the morning and my hair a little less smushed...I really feel like my skin and hair get such a better night's sleep with this lush fabric. I feel like I can justify the price seeing as I literally use this product for at least 8 hours a day ;)

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