Seed Phytonutrients Body Cleanser

Our vegan gentle body cleanser contains no sulfates or harsh chemicals, so it removes impurities without stripping your skin and leaving it overly dry. Complete with key ingredients like guar beans and coconut, it feels just as good as it is for you! Its lightweight foaming formula will leave your skin feeling refreshingly soft and clean in no-time.

This vegan body cleanser takes feel-good beauty to another level. For starters, the foaming formula is packed with natural seed extracts that feel simply delicious on skin-- pampering, whipped, and foamy. It delivers a gentle cleanse without leaving skin stripped and that's thanks in part to the ingredients which are meticulously sourced from small, family-run organic farms (wholesome, right?). Then there's the packaging. The plastic bottle uses 60% less plastic than traditional bottles (woop!) and is wrapped in a paper label made from post-consumer cardboard that is mixed with minerals that make it recyclable and ensure it won't fall apart when it gets wet in the shower. My favorite part--peel off the paper label to reveal a packet of heirloom seeds tucked inside, which you can plant for that gift-that-keeps-on-giving effect.

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