Raven Smith's Trivial Pursuits

Is being tall a social currency? Am I the contents of my fridge? Does yoga matter if you're not filthy rich? Is a bagel four slices of bread? Are three cigarettes a meal? From IKEA meatballs to minibreaks, join Raven Smith as he reflects on the importance we place in the least important things and our frivolous attempts to accomplish and attain. He also tackles his single-parent upbringing, his struggles as a lonely teenager and his personal experience of coming out. Packed with brilliant humour, great tenderness and lingering pathos, Raven Smith's Trivial Pursuits is a book for anyone who has ever asked 'when I get to the pearly gates of heaven, will a viral tweet count for or against my entry?'

Vogue writer Raven Smith's obsessions with the minutiae of daily life, Sysiphean stabs towards social status, and Instagram nativism pour out in this just-as-obsessively penned collection of essays (of sorts!) in language that's been honed so sharp you don't even feel the moment it splits you open. If you're fluent in internet allusions, you'll burn though this one like butter. If not, it might not make any sense at all, honestly.

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