So Well Gray Himalayan Salt Lamp

Rejuvenate yourself with pure, ionized air. This gray salt crystal is hand-picked from a rare vein of Himalayan salt. Left in its original form, it becomes a unique accent light in your favorite spaces. All natural gray Himalayan salt may present some flecks of white or amber. 15 Watt bulb included. Includes dimmer cord for soft ambient lighting. No two salt lamps are exactly alike.

I don't know if I should put this in "decor" or "health" or "beauty" because I have been re-doing my house to be more "hygge" aka COZY and this salt lamp is EVERYTHING. Salt lamps are claimed to help us sleep better, combat EMF pollution and overall enhance wellness. But for me - the overall ambience of having one nearby makes me feel less anxious. I have this gray colored one and I swear by it.

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