PL8 Professional Vegetable Chopper

Chop an onion or mince garlic in seconds simply by pressing down on this super-strong hinged chopper. Three plates let you choose from mince, dice or chop as you work directly over the included tray or your cutting board. Creates uniform cuts of firm vegetables—great for prepping salads and soups. Stainless-steel chopping plates include 1/8" mince, 1/4" dice and 1/2" chop. Removable base container catches chopped food; doubles as a serving tray. Integrated cleaning grid and tool remove excess food from pusher lid and blades.

No more teary eyes when chopping onions! This is my favorite kitchen gadget because it makes food preparation fast, super easy, and painless. I mean, only the best meals start with chopped veggies, right? I'll be using this to make soup all winter long.

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