UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

Parenting is full of adjustments like learning to function on little sleep and never leaving the house again without an arsenal of supplies. Fortunately for parents there’s been no compromising with the CRUZ. Its streamlined design gives you more without weighing you down. So stroll down bumpy city streets, maneuver around crowded malls, load your basket with your diaper bag, toys, groceries and whatever else you need. Relax, the world is still your oyster.

We got this in 2013 when we had our first and it's still kicking in 2019. We don't use it as much anymore but this stroller is worth the money. For years it was basically our suburban minivan and a stroller. Great for kid carting, grocery shopping and seat for mom (yes I have sat in this seat at times in various incidents), oh and we also used it as a double on occasion when my toddler would ride in the UNDER STORAGE (probably not what the company intended but it worked for us!)

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