natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath

Restorative Floral Bath is formulated to leave your worldly concerns in another dimension. A heady bouquet of plumeria, jasmine, vetiver and cedarwood intoxicate the senses while a blend of luxurious emollients including shea butter, kahai oil and green tea oil nourishes the skin and replenishes its natural moisture barrier.

Sure, recommending a bath soak that costs over $100 is extremely 'pinkies up' of me, but this isn't your average drugstore Mr. Bubble. This concrete-sprayed bottle is the exact bath product Madonna turns to when luxuriating in her own extra-ness. It's the weighty, architectural objet d'art your teak tub caddy has been aching for. The syrupy soap within feels equal parts clean and romantic and mysterious, like bathing under a waterfall. Better yet (for my fellow realists out there) when this tub is tapped, you can easily refill it with a soak that's *not* $100+ and no one will be any wiser. With packaging design this impressive, you'll probably even fool yourself.

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