Malaya Repair & Style Hair Oil

The intoxicating aroma of Mālayā Hair Oil will make your tresses smell divine! Our unique hair treatment can bring luster back to dry or damaged hair, restore moisture to a dry scalp, prevent flaking, and doubles as a styling product to give hair shine, reduce split ends and combat frizz.Use: May be used on wet or dry hair. Add a few drops to shampoo for super soft hair.Treatment – Massage oil into scalp roots to ends. Leave in or shampoo after several hours.Style – Rub several drops of oil between palms and work into ends to diminish dryness and frizz.

I love the hair oil from this brand. It’s organic and it makes your hair healthy, shiny, and helps growth. You can put it on dry or fresh out of the shower. Carly turned me on to their stuff and now I can’t get enough! The whole haircare line is great.

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