Haus Starter Kit

Try bright and playful Citrus Flower as well as warm and earthy Bitter Clove in the Haus Starter Kit. Includes one 200ml bottle of each flavor.

My dad is the mixologist in our family. He makes everything from a simple Old Fashioned to a Cosmopolitan complete with a sugar rim. Lately, though, he's been talking about dialing it back to drinks that don't pack quite the punch. That's why I've decided to give him Haus, a new brand of apéritifs I've been obsessed with lately. Popular in Europe for centuries, apéritifs have a lighter alcohol content that's perfect for sipping on the rocks or with a splash of seltzer. Haus bottles skip artificial flavors found in many apéritifs and are handcrafted with local Californian ingredients, like lemon, elderflower, and clove. The starter kit features the brand's most popular flavors—Bitter Clove and Citrus Flower—in approachable 200 milliliter bottles. Citrus Flower is light and bright, while the Bitter Clove is an earthier and spicier sip. I've enjoyed both flavors by themselves or as a spritz with Prosecco for a stronger drink. Fingers crossed that Dad does, too!

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