GoStock Dog Pool for Dogs

Dog pool is made of extra-tough and anti-scratch PVC material. We use 0.58 cm high-strength fiberboard, which is the most thick in the market. Not easy collapse and pierce. Non-slip bottom design make your pet safer while bathing. EN71,CE,EPA standard.

The summer has gone to the dogs — literally. Since I can't have a Hot Girl Summer and go on vacation, I'm determined to live vicariously through my pug puppy Björk who is living her best life right now. On a particularly hot day in Brooklyn recently she ran through a hydrant that was converted into a sidewalk sprinkler and I realized she needed a pool. Unfortunately my apartment can't accommodate a human size pool but a puppy pool is definitely doable. Not only is it incredibly cute to watch her sit in this pool but it's easy to travel with which is great for local weekend getaways. I may not get to really go on vacation this year but I do get to watch a pug puppy swim in a mini pool on my balcony and that's definitely something.

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