Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen

Vegan, plant-based collagen formulation with the highest concentration of active collagen to restore your skin's resilience and bounce.

Most of my life I had full plump lips. Lips that we take for granted in our youth. At 35 they’re much less plump, actually most days my lips resemble shriveled raisins and because of that I’m not a huge lip stick wearer. However on days that I know I wanna rock a bold lip color, I’ll start my day with this, it plumps lips up, while also helping fill in dehydration lines. The effect last for hours, without any of that stinging or burning that you get from your run of the mill ‘lip plumpers’. The sensation is actually a cooling one. This makes my lips look young and full again while making me less self conscious about my mouth.

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