FPC Prenatal Fitness

FPC is prenatal fitness studio in New York for everyone interested in safe pregnancy fitness, prenatal yoga and personal training for pregnant women.

I've been taking the occasional class at FPC throughout my pregnancy, and they've been the perfect way to educate myself throughout each stage of the process. The studio's workout is specifically created with a pregnant or post-partum body's needs in mind, so you can be confident that not only is everything you're directed to do safe, it's also helping prepare your body for birth or helping it heal! In addition to the standard classes, I attended a workshop, and that was a game changer. Led by the studio's founder, Joni, the class covered breathing techniques and the physiology behind the changes that pregnancy brings to your body. It absolutely helped give me a better understanding of how and why to make adjustments to my workout in pregnancy, and I've been able to apply these techniques to all my classes.

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