Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags - Unscented

Earth Rated dog poop bags are 100% leak-proof, extra thick and strong. All the packaging and inner roll cores are made with recycled materials and the bags are formulated with an EPI additive to help them break down. Each dog poop bag measures 9 x 13 inches. They're big enough to fully cover your hand and sleeve during pickup with plenty of room left over to tie a secure knot in the bag when you're finished.

Dog poop already smells terrible - why anyone would want to make things worse and pick up poop with a [insert floral sent here] baffles me. More importantly, these bags are tough, have no offending smell and have never broken on me. I especially love that they are meant to biodegrade - many dog bags are just small plastic bags that will take years to breakdown. I love my pets, but I also love this planet.

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