Dream Bear Bib

Comfortable,Soft,,Safe,Anti-microbial,BPA free,100%Food-grade silicone baby bib. Made of Food-grade silicone ,It can stand against the high temperature of 200℃,that you can often to be disinfection by boiling water for the silicone baby bib. The wide bib will protect the baby colthes pecfect ; with adjustable 4-buttons, suitable for babies 3 months old and up;and with deep pocket to catch food and drink spills. Easily to cleans-rinsed off under running water or cleaned in the dishwasher. Easy to carry-Dream Bear Silicone Patted circle.For the convenience of carrying bundle, with a cute LOGO, the security of the silicone baby toys.Just rolled bib and shoot down automatically.

This bib is great. It’s all silicone, so you can wash it really easily and it has a pocket at the bottom to catch any food. My son wears it for every meal and I just wash it and it dries really easily. And, it’s just one bib that he wears and I don’t have to have a million of them.

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