Skip Hop Vibrant Village Doubleplay Reversible Playmat

Doubleplay Reversible Playmat - Vibrant Village from Shop clothing & accessories from a trusted name in kids, toddlers, and baby clothes.

So another baby thing right? I asked myself do I really wanna spend $99 on a playmat? I paid like $70 because I caught a 4th of July sale but YES it's worth it. Why? Sooo its fun on one side and "adult" on the other. It is comfy for the babe but more importantly for you and all the other adults who will be playing on the floor with your little one. Kiddos cannot take it apart and if you are having company and you don't want it out you can simple roll it and put it up. There are mats out there ....I won't name names that also cost a lot but then fall apart. This mat is worth it!!

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