OUAI Chill Pills

Shop OUAI’s Chill Pills at Sephora. This jasmine-and-rose-scented bath bomb is infused with lush oils.

One of the main reasons my boyfriend and I decided on the apartment we have is because of the amazing bathroom. It's large, even by New York City standards, with subway tiles and a huge spa bathtub. Ironically, we've been here two years now and I had never taken a bath in it until quarantine hit. Now of course, I can't stop. I can though, only take a bath though if there are bubbles and if I make the experience feel as much like a spa as possible. It took me a while to find a bubble bath option that didn't make me feel like I was in middle school again but once I discovered the Ouai Chill Pills there was no looking back. They're jasmine and rose scented bath bombs that have moisturizing oils that not only soothe me but actually make my skin feel amazing. After a particularly hot day when I've been drenched in sweat, I'll pop one of these into the tub and it's an instant vacation.

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