Buffy Comforter

Meet the comforter designed to restore you, while it restores the planet. SOFTER THAN COTTON Silky-soft eucalyptus fabric soothes your skin and embraces your body. BREATHES BETTER Enhanced breathability creates a more comfortable temperature. LESS WASTE Each comforter saves 1000 gallons of water and keeps 50 bottles out of oceans and landfills.

Did Buffy's 30 day trial - and I'm hooked. Could not send it back afterwards, in fact, I'm not sure I could live without it. It's super fluffy and comfy, but I don't find myself getting overheated in it. You don't neeeed a duvet cover with it, but I use one since I've got 2 cats and 2 dogs. Speaking of - the day I first put this blanket on my bed I came upstairs to find all them them chilling on it. Super rare sight. Everyone here is a Buffy lover!

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