Beachwaver® Pro 1.25

Rotate your way to perfect waves with the Beachwaver® Pro 1.25. The larger 1.25” barrel diameter is perfect for women with longer hair who want voluminous blow out Beachwaves™. The Beachwaver® Pro 1.25 provides.    

“I created this because people always tell me that they never curl their own hair because it’s too difficult. So again, my sisters and I cut the steel for the mold of The Beachwaver and we really honed in on what we wanted it to be. I love the 1.25in wand - I use it on almost everyone. Unless it’s a really humid day and the hair’s going to fall, then I’ll use the 1in. But, I tend to use the 1.25 for red carpet stuff because it just already feels like the perfect bend, the perfect wave!”

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