Beachwaver Co. Braid Balm (Pre Braid Prep)

This innovative foam prep with our HIx Bond Multipliers™ strengthens your hair each time you use it, giving you smooth, frizz-free braids. Aroma Experience: Bondi Beach Day. Enter code SWEARBY for $5 off!

“I did 365 days of braids on Instagram a couple years ago; it was my New Years’ Resolution to post a different braid every day for an entire year. While I was doing it, I was using so many products to get the perfect mix of a product that was going to prep, detangle, and leave the hair not feeling crunchy or greasy and weighed down after taking braids out. I wanted to create a product that would do all 3 things. I had to go through like 30 different formulas! The Braid Balm is a foamer that has a really light consistency, so you can apply it directly to your brush and brush it in before you braid. I love it because it strengthens while you style; it’s about getting the cute styles, but at the same time, it’s like you’re wearing a treatment in your hair all day.”

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