's Rough Draft Large Notebook

Sometimes the Rough Draft Mini Notebook is a little too mini to fit your huge ideas. Enter the Rough Draft Large Notebook. Let your ideas grow bigger and bigger, bound by a thick cover and a classic gold spiral. With all that extra space you can work through even the toughest of writer's blocks...or you can play a quick game of MASH instead. Both are valid options.

No shade to Google Docs, but I'm a huge fan of handwritten to-do lists. While working in the office, I start each morning by writing out the day's tasks in priority and it gives me a sense of calm to take things on. Since making the transition to working from home, I've found a lot of comfort in my daily written list-making as a way to maintain organization and structure. This one from is my current favorite and has plenty of space between the lines. Plus, starting the workday with a glitter-covered notebook and a little inspo' on the front never hurts.

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