Bala Bangles Wearable Weight Set

Add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout with one pound Bala Bangles wrist and ankle weights, helping to burn fat and build muscle. For yoga, running, aerobics, pilates, walking, traveling, home workouts, core training. You name it! Bala Bangles are made of the highest quality fitness materials and come in a range of colors.

Whenever I'm in bad mood or I feel stressed, I take a workout class. It's become such a part of my routine that not going is enough to make me unhappy for the rest of the week. Of course, with the current situation, I've been locked up at home and have had no choice but to turn my living room into my own personal gym. Trying to find online workouts while also rearranging my living room for an hour every day has without a doubt stressed me out. But buying workout equipment that makes me happy every time I look at it has definitely helped calm me down and motivate me to get moving every day. When I saw a workout instructor using these Bala Bangles as weights, I knew I had to have them. They were the only weights I've ever seen that were pretty and when I wear them it definitely feels more like an accessory than anything else. They work incredibly well when I'm doing a class. They're also light enough that putting them on to walk around the house isn't difficult but adds a light burn when I need it.

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