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Brooklyn - Brooklyn Pizza Walk. Hi, I am Dani, a travel writer, originally from Germany. I fell in love with New York in 2009 and after traveling the world for 7 years, I settled down in Brooklyn. I have been on the hunt for the best New York pizza ever since. Yes, I am obsessed with pizza! On this tour, I am combining my two biggest passions: Brooklyn and pizza. I am excited to show you two popular neighborhoods in the borough that I am proud to call my home, along with some of its best pizza! Get ready to try five completely different slices with me and learn all about New York pizza and the different styles you find here.

Airbnb Experiences are not only easy to book last-minute but also perfect for bonding no matter where you live. Most are super affordable and great for the family to do together. Airbnb has so many stand out experiences people can book, from walking the footsteps of mobsters to jamming with a professional musician.

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