Winter-Ready Workout Gear

Baby, it’s cold outside (or it’s going to be.) It’s time to prep for outdoor workouts that will get you out of the house—safely—for a much-needed endorphin boost, while still remaining cozy enough to push yourself. This SwearBy-approved workout gear, including wool tennis shoes (yes, wool) and running gloves, is all certain to help you push your limits.

Allbirds Women's Wool Runners

These merino wool sneaks are about as comfy as tennis shoes get. “They market them as ‘the world’s most comfortable shoe,’ and I have to agree,” says SwearBy Founder and CEO Kate Foster Lengyel. “They are so soft against your bare feet and make you feel all cozy. My mission in life is really to wear slippers 24/7 and these birdies help me get closer to that goal.” For Claire McClung, they come with a hidden perk: anti-bacterial wool lets her wear them without socks, a la Uggs. “ I hate wearing socks. I hate smelly feet. Enter Allbirds: the life-changing, most comfortable sneaker that doesn’t get stinky sans-sock and can easily be thrown in the washing machine if you find yourself out on a rainy day or a muddy walk.” Jamie Han calls them the most comfortable shoes she owns. Plus: “they’re really stylish!” Consider us sold.

EQUIPE RS rain jacket

Finding a jacket that’s both waterproof aaaand breathable is next to impossible, but Becca Brown has done it thanks to Swiss brand Assos. “I am a cyclist and while I don’t typically ride in bad weather (rain, snow, cold), if there is a chance of precipitation, I always take this jacket with me. It is so lightweight, and compresses into a small area, easy to throw in your back pocket. When worn, it provides excellent water protection and insulation. Great for long descents too (keeps you warm). It’s a jacket you’ll have forever (hence the price, it’s really an investment).”

Lululemon Run for It All Gloves

Cold weather can’t stop us runners from hitting the pavement!” says social media guru Maria Pedone. “Come wintertime, these Lululemon gloves are my go-to; they’re just enough to keep my hands warm while outdoors; and honestly I wear them even if I’m just ‘running’ to the store or around town; perfect thickness, the best fabric and tech-friendly.” As in, you can navigate your touchscreen phone as easily as if you weren’t wearing gloves at all. 

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings

As the cool grasp of winter descends over the landscape, yoga pants are an absolute must. But which ones? Vanessa Crane adores these Nordstrom lovelies, which have a no-slip waistband and moisture-wicking fabric. Bonus: the factory that makes them supports female worker empowerment through HERproject. “I literally LIVE in Zella leggings in the winter,” Crane says. “So comfy and the high waist is perfect!”

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot

For hikes in snowy fields and dewy woodlands, there’s nothing better than a duck boot. “Having lived in a lot of cold and wet climates, these are my favorite,” says Caitlin Kimmet. “They are a little more fashionable than other duck boots because they come in a few different colorways. I love the navy/tan. They go with everything and are roomy enough to stick a thick pair of socks in when the weather gets colder.” Randi Amalfitano loves them too. “These are surprisingly comfy and much more versatile than a traditional tall rain boot. I also enjoy the subtle padding that add an additional layer of warmth.” Did we mention they’re significantly cheaper than the iconic L.L. Bean version?

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