What's Better Than A Tie? 11 Father's Day Gifts to Win the Gifting Game

You've given ties, personalized ceramics, and watches all before. This year, you're stepping up your gifting game with the help of our Editors who gave us their #1 Father's Day gift recommendations for #1 Dads. From personalized peg dolls to skincare-for-him, here is our curated list of the 11 items that'll make Father's Day extra special.

Goose Grease - Custom Peg Doll Family of Two Peg People Personalized

These quirky, cute little wooden dolls are perfectly personal as a gift for Dad. Editor Staci Hendrickson swears that “These are just adorable! Who doesn’t want custom wooden dolls of your family? This is such a meaningful, personalized gift.” (P.S., they also make wooden wedding toppers!)

Airbnb Experiences

Looking to branch out in the gift department a bit? Whether its a Brooklyn Pizza Walk, Jamming with a Professional, or a Politically Incorrect Food Tour, Airbnb Experiences are not only easy to book last-minute, but also perfect for bonding with Dad no matter where you live. Most are super affordable, great for the family to do together, and totally unique to your location.

Greenpoint Trading Company Spices

Brooklyn-founded spice company Greenpoint Trading Co. takes spice blends to a new level with aromatic flavors such as T-Bone (perfect for grilling steaks), El Capitan, Sedona Red, and Tri Color Peppercorns. In time for Father’s Day, get a set (for $22!) with these four blends to give grilling a new vibe. Editor Marissa Feldman swears that “Dracula’s Nightmare is the end all be all of spice blends” and that she uses it “practically every day on everything from fish, to meat, to veggies. Even the kids approve!” Combined with an apron and the Pro-Iroda O-Grill, what more could the Dad who cooks ask for?

Bearsville Soap Company Sandalwood Vanilla Soap

Soap may be something you’ve given before, but soap in scents like Bourbon Sandalwood, Smoke & Clove, and Tobacco Flower? Guessing not. These soaps are sold individually, but Bearsville also packages them in sets of 4 so that you can try out several of their delicious flavors. Editor Rachel Busterud says, “This was originally a gift for guys, and is definitely a product targeted towards men, but I ended up using this soap too. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so good. Nonetheless, this is a GREAT gift for men.” If the Dad in your life loves it, there’s a subscription available so you can keep on getting more (for him, but maybe for you too).

Colugo - The Baby Carrier

For all the new Dads, Dads-to-be, or Dads with new babies… Colugo’s Baby Carrier is here to help. With its magnetic buckles on the front side of the carrier, this baby carrier allows you to put it on and off without any help—no more reaching around your back to clip/unclip! It also has storage pockets that can fit your phone, wallet, diaper or onesie. It doubles as a small messenger bag and stroller organizer so you can have all your essentials at your fingertips. Both products come in a number of gender-neutral colors from a muted lavender to camo and black, and are machine-washable. Hello long walks!

Counterman Beard Regimen

Products perfect for the Dad looking to treat his skin with a little extra love. This set includes a Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, Clarifying Toner Pads, Oil-Free Face Lotion, and a Conditioning Beard Oil. The set makes skin happier and leaves you feeling cleared up + refreshed!

New York Times - Custom Birthday Book

This may be the tear-jerker of the bunch. This thoughtful, personalized gift idea celebrates and reflects a lifetime with memories from each year of the recipient’s birthday through NYT headliners. It’s so much fun to look through history in this way, commemorate the past, and go back in time with Dad.

Sugarfina x ReserveBar - Father's Day Edition

“For all those dads whose idea of a perfect dessert is a sweet little treat with a glass of good quality bourbon, whiskey or tequila (or vodka, champagne, or rosé),” says Editor Heather Darke about Sugarfina’s Father’s Day collab with ReserveBar. Who doesn’t love the idea of alcohol-infused gummies? Choose Dad’s perfect combo from a variety of ‘candy bento boxes’ which come equipped with treats + a bottle of his favorite spirit. Heather swears that “The pairings are really special…premium alcohol with candy that makes your tastebuds happy in flavors that are so unique.”

BJO Charleston SC | Beef Jerky Outlet

Calling all jerky lovers! Beef Jerky Outlet is offering four amazing gift boxes for Father’s Day, and code Dad20 gives you 20% off online orders through June 16th (woo!). Owner of BJO and SwearBy Editor Kimberly Powell swears that this is the perfect Father’s Day gift because their jerky is Paleo/Keto friendly, low carb, and high in protein. Find it in over 100 types of jerky – including Vodka Bloody Mary, Prime Rib, and Dill Pickle!

MyX Fitness Bike

Up and at ’em, Dads! For short bursts of full body workouts, get the active Dad this MyX Fitness Bike. Editor Megan Sullivan recommends this bike as a great Father’s Day gift and says that “As a busy mom of 3 I need a full body workout in a short amount of time (45 Minutes is all you need!), and I just love this! Not to mention the bike is beautiful!”

Loupe Photo Albums From the Future

For the Dad who wants to stop dealing with the Cloud. Loupe offers an innovative way of saving and printing photos — through a $10 monthly subscription fee, you’ll get 400 photos from your camera roll in the mail. It instantly organizes and provides access to any video or photo you’ve taken, and now you won’t have to stop taking so many snapshots of your kids that just sit there in your camera roll.

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