What Writer Jessica Henriquez Swears By to Bring on the Calm

Jessica Henriquez wants you to chill the f*ck out. Seriously. We sat down with this literary virtuoso her in her gorgeous Manhattan apartment where we discussed anxiety, self-care, and of course, her top Swears. A writer and editor, Jessica also teaches non-fiction, personal writing workshops at some pretty prestigious places, ranging from Columbia University to The Wing. She's even working on her own memoir, set to hit stands this Spring. Of mixing city-living with self-care, Jessica says, "Anyone who lives in a city knows the struggle of absorbing people's energy around you. An hour after you wake up, you're on the subway, bombarded with everyone's internal and external narratives. It's a lot, and being around that all day can be exhausting. I absorb energy, so if I'm on a train full of miserable people, I'll be miserable for the rest of the day. It wasn't until I started meditating that I was like 'Oh, wow. I don't have to feel like this all the time. I can have a buffer between the world and how I process it, rather than immediately reacting'. Self care isn't about taking a bath or buying a face mask; it's about loving yourself, treating yourself with compassion, maybe saying no to that tequila shot." Jessica reminds us that it's good to do something good for yourself every day, whether that's a meditation, a stretch, or a quick run. Even if your form of self-care, IS tequila shots, you can relate. Here are Jessica's top swears for a home filled with Ohmmmmmmm.

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Rosebud CBD oil

If you’re not on the CBD oil train yet, you gotta hop on. I always associated CBD oil with marijuana, which, for me as an anxious person, has always been a really stressful situation. It’s like best case scenario, I’ve convinced myself I stopped breathing, worst case, I’m sure that everyone I know and love is plotting to kill me. Not judging anyone, but I’ve just never had a soothing or calming experience with traditional marijuana (and yes, I’ve tried a lot of different strains). This oil is chocolate mint flavored, and I put it under my tongue and it instantly makes me feel less anxious, more clearheaded, more present. I went hiking in Argentina and my ankle spazzed out. I rubbed this miracle oil on it and it was healed almost instantly. Anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety… what more does a girl need?

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Ziva was created by a woman named Emily Fletcher, who also runs online and in-person meditation workshops. The idea is to meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day. With this timer, I don’t need to use my phone to check the time, disrupting my practice.

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ORB Women’s Multivitamin + Fish Oil

Ok, so far, these are my favorite vitamins. My son is obsessed with them because they look like weird little alien vitamins. It almost looks like a little lava lamp. I take their nails&hair vitamin and their multivitamin everyday, and they keep me feeling balanced and amazing. I like their energy supplements as well, it contains an agent that boosts serotonin, and who doesn’t need a lil’ more of that?!

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Heartland Brooklyn Greeting Cards

I love these cards. They have cute illustrations that make you smile. This year I started sending letters everyday. It clears my head and makes me feel like I’m fostering the relationships I already have and creating friendships I want.

Hello Beautiful Collagen & Multivitamin Powder

I turned 33 this year and I was like… “okay, what’s happening to my body”. I swear sometimes, I can literally hear my bones creak. I started taking these and since then, my hair and nails have been like 10x stronger. I feel like most drinkable beauty tastes horrible, but this comes in a berry flavor (to go in water) and totally flavorless (to go in coffee or tea), and I can barely taste it at all. The founders are women (of course), and it’s on the cheaper end.

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Body Polish Botanical Treatment

I love how I can use this one treatment from head to toe. I use this as a face mask, a body polish, aaaand a foot scrub. Not bad for $7.00, huh?

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