What Does a Funny Working Mom Swear By? A Peek Inside Publicist and Comedienne Meryl Van Meter’s Bag

“I’m like a snotty version of Yelp, but in a good way,” says Meryl Van Meter, when asked why she thinks we wanted to interview her for SwearBy. “And, I tell it like it is. Always.” So true. By day, Meryl represents a fancy-pants alcohol company and keeps us up to our eyeballs in martinis. By night, Meryl takes center stage in Prank U, her hilarious one-woman stand-up show in Williamsburg where she makes prank calls live from stage. “I’m just a mom with a normal job who makes live prank calls for entertainment. It’s all very mature,” Meryl says of her hobby. Her Brooklyn home, which she shares with her baby daughter and husband (who, BTW, is a comedy writer), is always overflowing with laughs and inside jokes. While Meryl is funny-to-the-core, she’s dead-serious about her favorite things, which include a prescription-strength lip gloss obsession. We asked this funny lady to open up her can’t-live-without handbag and share what’s inside that keeps her moving, shaking, and pranking as a busy mom.

Givenchy Pandora Bag

I’m obsessed with this bag and am never getting rid of it. When I was getting divorced, I saved a ton of money by not needing a mediator, and I used the money to buy this. The crinkled leather wears well and consistently looks awesome. It’s a cross-body, but has a ton of room for everything, even stuff for the baby. I think every woman deserves to splurge on a beautiful, versatile bag that can make an outfit.

Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain Lip Color

I must have 15 of these, with one in every bag, every pocket. I bought three yesterday alone like a psycho because they just came out with a matte one. It’s a glossy stain, but what makes it so great is that the pigment will last. You can reapply, but you can also go hours and hours without having to. It freshens up your look instantly. The vibrant colors are perfect for a night out, but my absolute favorite is the deep wine shade.

Baby Bandana Bib

I stash one of these in my bag because my daughter drools like a maniac. This little bandana bib is super cute and isn’t one of those ugly bibs that will ruin my daughter’s outfits. Who wants to put a gross piece of cloth over a cute dress?! Besides being adorable, this is soft and really absorbent. At this rate, maybe we’ll have to send her off to kindergarten still sporting her little bandana!

ORIBE Hair Care Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray

Oh, love it. It smells like heaven and gets rid of flyaways. It has a slight texture without the stiffness of normal hairsprays. I use it as finishing spray or just to refresh my hair and protect it from frizz when it’s looking uninspired. It’s not a splurge, but it’s not cheap either. I keep the travel size in my bag, and the smaller size makes me feel less bad about the price, but I do think the big bottle is worth it.

Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water

I don’t have to carry this around in my bag, but it’s a daily essential. I apply this cleansing rinse with a cotton ball to my daughter’s face, neck, and hands every morning before she gets dressed. It smells nice and keeps her skin soft, but doesn’t have any sketchy chemicals. It’s a must-have for city moms.

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