Warm Gloves for Autumn that Wow

Aaah, autumn. Season of PSL’s, Uggs (I HAVE NO SHAME) and cozy accessorizing. What is it about my cashmere-lined leather gloves that makes me feel like a 1940s starlet whenever I don them? Maybe it’s because they—like heels and a chic hat—used to be #OOTD necessities, they feel like a total luxury, even if I’m wearing an outfit that any actual 1940s starlet would be horrified by (see: Uggs). 


Of course, as anyone who lives in a cold climate will tell you, not all cozies are created equal. For the best warm gloves and mittens for fall, we turned to SwearBy’s extremely stylish—and bundled up—beauties (plus one rec from me for good measure).

Zpack Possum Gloves

Um, yes, you read that right: possum gloves. These mitts are made from merino lamb’s wool and brushtail possum fur from New Zealand, and they’ll set you back a mere $22. “I bought these gloves because I was terrified that I was going to freeze my extremities when we climbed Kilimanjaro,” says Yelena Dasher. “I need not have been afraid. These are the warmest gloves I have ever owned and I recommend them to everyone.” If you’re a runner, she says they’re a must. “They saw me through two winter half marathons last year including the United Half which was so flipping cold I questioned my sanity for participating.These gloves have magic warmth properties. I cannot swear by them enough!”

Women's Burton Reverb GORE-TEX Gloves

After living in Sydney for 10 years, I got soft and a New York winter hit me like a train,” says Sarah-Jane Kurtini of these waterproof, windproof numbers, that are “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY,” all caps (literally, GORE-TEX trademarked that line). “These gloves made me so happy and you don’t have to take them off to use your phone.” Bonus: Thermacore insulation designed for the gnarliest ski days. 

Astis Long-Cuff Mittens

Two years ago, after a few runs at Colorado’s Loveland Ski Area, I was so cold I was bawling in the ski lodge—and I mean literally bawling, like a small, over-sugared child. No matter what we tried, it felt like my popsicle hands would never thaw.  To get me to stop crying, my husband, alarmed, literally ran into the ski shop and yelped: “I need the warmest gloves you have, and I don’t care what they cost!” Which is how, dear reader, we ended up paying $200 for a pair of mittens. And it. Was. Worth it. These Made-in-the-USA lovelies are the warmest things you’ll everrrr put on your hands: sewn with thick, waterproofed suede leather and Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft insulation, which goes all the way up my forearms, nearly to my elbows. The beadwork and fringe-y adornments are just candy—a little extra ski bunny adorableness on the slopes. 

Run for It All Gloves

Cold weather can’t stop us runners from hitting the pavement!” says New Yorker Maria Pedone. “Come wintertime, these Lululemon gloves are my go-to,” she says of these water-repellent gloves, which were specifically designed for running, with brushed fleece fabric and touchscreen fingertips for all your mid-jog Spotify song-switching needs. “They’re just enough to keep my hands warm while outdoors; and honestly I wear them even if I’m just ‘running’ to the store or around town; perfect thickness, the best fabric and tech-friendly.”

Sermoneta Gloves USA Canada | Shop Online Official

If a trip to Rome isn’t in the cards right now, never fear: you can still give your digits the When in Rome experience with this buttery soft leather glove company, whose HQ is right at the foot of the Spanish Steps.  “Their products are made to last for years, if not decades,” says social media guru Gabrielle Rosen of the gloves, all of which are handmade (without machines) in Italy. “They’re not only beautiful tokens of an amazing trip to Italy, but they look perfect whether I’m dressed casually, professionally for meetings, or a date night. They always keep my hands warm and look beautiful. These are also a perfect gift for the holiday season. You can shop online or visit their Manhattan store as well.” You know when you can picture Audrey Hepburn donning them, they’re keepers. 

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