Try These Four Fall Trends, Swears Fashion Expert Brooke Jaffe

Sometimes, deciphering which seasonal fashion trends are important enough to try can feel a bit overwhelming. Like, how are we supposed to wear this supposed “prairie” trend without looking like Kimmie Schmidt from her bunker days? Life is busy, and with conference rooms to dazzle, kiddies to shuttle, and workouts to crush, we decided that we could all use a little help wading through fall’s fashion waters. Thankfully, we have Brooke Jaffe, SwearBy Style Expert and bonafide trend hunter, to cut through the clutter and help us decode the meaningful trends to try. Brooke has seen every fall trend under the sun, and she’s here to transform your favorite high fashion looks into wearable, everyday ensembles. Brooke’s time- and money-saving tip is to keep the jeans you already have in your closet and just add newness from the waist up. According to Brooke, “Women get so much fashion credit above the belt. Think about how often you are seated, whether at a business lunch or date night! This season, just focus on your top layer to pack that fashion punch.” Here’s the four fall trends that Brooke swears by, sure to transform your fashion game from the waist up.

Mad for Plaid

In the world of fashion trends, my number-one SwearBy trend is a plaid blazer. It’s about finding one that fits beautifully and has a more traditional menswear plaid fabrication. The good news is, every brand is making one and you do not need to spend a fortune to become Chief Fashion Officer of the trend. In fact, Zara’s version for $129 is simply put, a winner.  I like to wear my blazer with high-waisted blue jeans and a white tee shirt. On foot, a sleek black leather bootie or for a fashion twist a kitten heel leopard pump. It’s more than okay to mix a few prints! Use the colors in your plaid blazer as a roadmap to match tops and accessories. For example, if your plaid jacket is white, black and grey with a thin thread of light blue, maybe try a bag or earring in the same shade of blue. In the colder months, I’ll be maximizing the trend by swapping out tees for turtlenecks.

Jane Camisole Tank

Welcome to the fashion jungle. This fall, animal print—particularly leopard—is the season’s must-have print. You can embrace it affectionately in any way that feels best for you. Leopard shoes, handbags, belts and tops are all relevant to the story. Think of animal print as a new neutral. You can wear it from head to toe if that feels right or add a small dose to  your look—you can’t mess this one up!  Wearing a touch of leopard is a no-brainer with blue denim, black denim and leather leggings. My new favorite update is wearing a leopard top or shoe with grey jeans. For the daring, pair your leopard with a hot pink lipstick. Hot pinks and leopard are having a fashion moment together. I live in my camisoles from L’agence in general and snatched this leopard version the second I saw it. I layer my camisoles underneath a simple black blazer and jeans, a cozy cardigan or motorcycle  jacket. This top and trend is an absolute Swear.

The Puff Shoulder Blouse

You may be wondering what a puff shoulder blouse even is? It’s a blouse that has more volume in the shoulder and has a soft quality to it, versus something more rigid and structured. It’s part of the elusive trend you’ve been reading about in magazines called ‘the prairie look’…paging Laura Ingalls Wilder. Even if frolicking through a wheat field isn’t part of your future itinerary, the puff shoulder blouse is worth paying attention to. The reason designers keep coming back to a fuller shoulder is because, when done properly, it’s very flattering and the softness of this shape is romantic. Thankfully, designers like Veronica Beard have created versions that are understandable and chic! It’s a delicate balance with this trend. Many versions are too voluminous for most of us to wear.  This is the new top to wear with jeans for date night. I like it with skinnies to balance the volume at the shoulder. I also love tucking my black one into a plaid skirt for day with tights and booties; it feels modern.

Shearling Touches

A denim jacket is a source of fashion comfort. It’s the perfect layering piece, and while we typically embrace it more fully in the warmer months, designers this fall have upped the fashion quotient in our go-to piece. Shearling touches in both real and faux iterations are elevating the basic jacket to new fashion heights. A shearling-infused denim jacket looks a little more luxurious than your standard denim jacket, and in some cases, there is actually added warmth, making it appropriate well into the winter season. Wear with a cozy knit turtleneck, pleated midi skirt and knee high boots. My favorite version is from Top Shop! For me, this little jacket lives in the SwearBy winners circle and will surely get you noticed when you walk into the room.

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