Tres Chic: Sun Hats with Serious Star Power

What is it about a sun hat that is so ineffably stylish, summer after summer? Is it the fact that Elizabeth Taylor made them—like oversized sunglasses—a must in every movie star’s glamour arsenal? Or that, in a world where SPFs are soaring into the triple digits, they simply make perfect sense? With chapeaus like these SwearBy faves shading your face, frets about wrinkles and skin cancer plummet. The instant head-turning factor is just a bonus.

Lack of Color Aruba Fray Boater Hat

What’s more summery than frayed jeans? Frayed raffia. Take this pool and beach-ready boater hat, with a removable taupe velvet band. “The frayed edge on this natural straw boater adds the perfect touch to any getaway outfit,” says globetrotter Sarah Fathy.

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Novara Wide Brim Hat

A stylish, packable, wide brim hat *with* SPF 50? We’re literally purring. “I always bring my Coolibar hat to the beach or pool,” says Julie Shapiro. “It actually has SPF protection and keeps my face out of the sun. This hat allows me to double down on protecting my skin, without compromising style.” 

Tilley Women's Hemp Hat

We think this hat is something plucky Diane Keaton would wear, at any age. Water repellant? Check. SPF 50? Check. Plus, it has a hidden cord system to keep it atop your head in beachside breezes. Says Allison Vicenzi: “I love this trusty hat (Tilley is the best sun and outdoor hat brand for men and women IMHO!). Plus, there’s a lifetime guarantee.” Did we mention it’s made in Canada? Swoon. 

Janessa Leoné Adriana Packable Hat

We’re not saying George O’Keeffe owned this hat, but we’re not saying she didn’t. The American-made straw number is totally something the queen of en-plein-air painting would don to make art in a sunny New Mexican desertscape. “How can you not love a hat that’s PACKABLE?!” says Erin Campbell. “I love all of [Janessa Leoné] hats but absolutely swear by this one.” 

Brixton Joanna Straw Hat

If you have a Jackie Kennedy-esque sense of timeless style, this may be the sunhat that sets your pulse racing—for decades to come. “In addition to protecting my skin, I like that this straw find has a classic design that matches all my bathing suits and sundresses,” says Stephanie Perry. “It’s comfortable, easy to wear, and elevates my look.”

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