Things that Always Make it into my Suitcase (Even When it's Almost Overweight)

I love travel and do so every single time I get the chance, which means I've had lots of experience with cramming unnecessary things into my limited luggage space. Here are some of the items that always make the cut no matter how close to the weight limit my bag is:

Elevation Lab BatteryPro for iPhone and Apple Watch

This is super handy for people who travel! It’s hard to see in the picture, but my favorite feature is that there’s actually a detachable elastic strap to hold your watch in place since it just rests on the charger which is SO SMART.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

I use this all the time and it makes such a difference! I’ve read about some chapsticks almost becoming addictive – the more you use them, the more you need to use them (which I found to be the case with a lot of EOS products). Would recommend and love knowing that it’s natural!

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Face & Body Cleanser

I have super combo skin, and it’s also super sensitive. Over the summer I had a lot of issues with break outs due to oil and sweat, and this has been a miracle product. I use this in combination with Lush’s tea tree toner and they cleared my skin right up. I still have the occasional hormonal breakout, but this has made a *HUGE* improvement. The texture takes some getting used to, but I find that it offers a bit of super gentle exfoliation which is a plus. I feel great about putting natural stuff on my face, and it actually seems to slightly reduce redness. It seems a little expensive at first, but I’ve had a little tub for six months and I’ve barely used half since a little goes a super long way.

Crown Vintage Thilanna Slip-On

These are super comfy and can be dressed up or down. The scallops soften the edge, but still a definite cool-girl/street vibe with the black leather. They go with pretty much everything.

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