These Blankets Are What Instagram Dreams are Made Of

Have cartoonishly oversized blankets swallowed your Insta feed whole? They have mine. Of all the unexpected perks of 2020’s WFH life, the justification for splurging on the coziest possible blankets ranks high. What’s better than a plush, downy bedspread when anxiety is up—and all you can do for fun is hit “next episode”? These tried and true finds of SwearBy editors will get you comfy faaaast—and earn likes galore on your ‘gram.

Sheltered Co. Weighted Blankets

Speaking of weighted blankets: how about one that looks like it was hand-knit by an extremely talented granny? “Sheltered Co. blankets are gorgeous and magical!” says Toni Mason. “It feels like you’re being hugged. I love to drape one over my lap while I’m working from home. It definitely cuts down on my stress.” Another perk: “The blankets are breathable and natural, using only recycled or dead stock fabrics. You can just feel that they’re made with so much love and care.”

Fauna Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Leave it to Anthropologie to sell some of the most delicious throw blankets on the planet. “It looks so pretty casually draped on my Sofa but feels so yummy when I choose to curl up inside,” says Susie Jaramillo of this faux fur blanket. “Highly recommend.” Bonus: an animal fur vibe with none of the guilt.

Tranquility Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have skyrocketed in popularity for good reason. Namely: they feel like a hug at a time when most of us could use one. “While practicing social distancing, I’ve been more anxious than ever lately, and this weighted blanket by Tranquility is one of the only things that’s been keeping calm while stuck inside,” says Rebecca Carhart of this number, which is filled with sleek glass beads and has a washable cover. “Not only do I use it at night to help me fall asleep, but I also snuggle up under it any time I’m feeling anxious while working during the day. It has definitely kept me calm and helped me be more productive.” 

Eddie Bauer Oversized Down Throw

This blanket is THE coziest,” says Caitlin Kimmet. “Living through winters in NY, Minnesota, and now Montana, we know about some winter. This is the best. It’s bigger than other throws and has a waterproof polyester side, and a fleecy side with the down filling. If you are constantly cold (me!) this will solve that in a jiffy.” We love that the 550 fill down inside was responsibly sourced, and that the blanket comes in a wide variety of lewks, including multiple plaid options. 

Mantas Ezcaray Mohair Blanket

If you miss traveling as much as we do, consider curling up under this mohair beauty, which was made in Spain by a family-owned company that’s been whipping up these cheerful bedspreads since 1930. “Oh the colors! Oh the softness!” says globetrotter Casey Benjamin. “These are the most beautiful and coziest blankets. My kids and I spend many a night under this blanket watching ‘The Great British Baking Show.’” Talk about “hygge”!

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