These 3 things helped me start Bullet Journaling

Making lists and organizing my thoughts is something I've always done; starting the day off without a to-do list is just ~not~ how I roll. Despite this, I always had a hard time sitting down and journaling/writing in a diary each night–simply putting pen to paper alone was not enough to keep my attention. That's when I learned about Bullet Journaling, a creative way to, "track the past, order the present, and design your future." But what's great about bullet journaling is that there isn't just one way to do it! Whether you creatively track your habits daily or monthly, it really is up to you; there are no rules! With that being said, it was super intimidating to figure out how to start my BUJO journey, so I turned to Pinterest for inspo. It helped me gather some thoughts on what I wanted to track, write about, or have in there for fun (like doodles or quote pages). Once I determined what would be on the pages, I had to find the perfect journal. I tried a small leather bound journal at first, but my younger sister came in clutch and found the perfect journal for me: a Fringe Studio, floral patterned, lined spiral notebook. Some people prefer to use dotted notebooks for their BUJO, but the lined paper worked great for me as a beginner. When it finally came down to starting my design, I used my go-to Paper Make Inkjoy Gel Pens. There is no right or wrong way to do a BUJO in my opinion, but I hope the tools I've used to stay on this creative kick helps you start your journey!

Fringe Studio Spiral Notebooks

My younger sister purchased this notebook for me as a nice “just because” gift, and mainly for the amazing paper quality. I use it for my bullet journaling and it has been such a nice experience with this journal. It’s large in size with smooth to the touch paper, perfectly paired with a lovely cover design. My notebook was purchased at TJ maxx for under $10, but Fringe Studio sells their journals/notebooks on their website alongside other fun items. A great notebook for writing, bullet journaling, or note taking!

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

I’m a planner. I write to-do lists every weekday (and weekend, depending on how busy I am) and am always using my planner. Because of my love of planning and writing out with these to-do lists, I write with the best pens I know and that’s my paper mate inkjoy gel pens. They’re vibrant, smooth, and super long-lasting. They’re a bit more expensive than your typical pen depending on pack size, but they’ve definitely brought a lot of joy (HA get it, because they’re inkjoy? Okay ignore the bad pun, but seriously go get these pens).


The Pinterest App is super functional and easy-to-use. It allows me to easily do everything I want to do online with the ease of accessing it on my phone.

UConn grad, always trying to be expressive and creative in everything I do! I have an amazing family who motivate me every day to push myself to live my best life possible, so a lot of swears are inspired by them.