The Very Best Pairs of Jeans, According to our Most Discerning SwearBy Editors

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, we're willing to bet it is this: there is absolutely nothing better than slipping on a really, really, really good pair of jeans. We all have our favorite pair that gets worn way more than we would like to admit, because they look amazing on us, give us a huge confidence boost, and most importantly feel nice and comfy (we've gone ahead and dubbed this "the great pair of jeans trifecta"). With that said, it can be so hard to find this ever-elusive perfect pair of jeans—our bodies are all beautiful because of their differences, but that can make for an extra tricky shopping experience. Luckily for you, we've reached out to our SwearBy community to ask the very important question: what is your most-loved pair of jeans?


See below for the ultimate denim round-up, and get ready to add a pair or two to your cart.

Topshop Raw Hem Crop Straight Leg Jeans

“When I was in College, I studied in London for one summer. I instantly discovered the magic of Topshop, which was a couple blocks from my student housing and I became beyond obsessed. It felt like a much cooler option than Zara (maybe it helps that everyone who worked there had a British accent but I digress) and I went whenever I could. A lot of the things I bought I’ve since donated to charity (tons of going-out-tops and crop-tops that feel very college) but I could never let go of the Topshop denim I collected. I swear they make the best affordable denim out there that has the vintage look I love and a fit that’s flawless. Since I’m no longer in London and the Topshop in Soho has closed, whenever I want a new pair of jeans but don’t want to spend a ton I’ll go on Nordstrom and search through its Topshop selection. These Raw Hem crops are a classic and whenever I wear them people ask if they’re vintage — the highest of denim compliments in my honest opinion.” –Tara Gonzalez 

Levi's Wedgie Fit Straight Jeans

“These are my go-to jeans. I wear them with everything from boots and a t-shirt to sandals and a blouse. They’re comfortable and actually fit my curvy hips and smaller waist, which is no small feat.” –Christie Calucchia 

NYDJ's Ami Skinny Jeans

“These NYDJ jeans are some of the comfiest I’ve ever worn. Not once has my midsection felt constricted while wearing these – the stretchy material moves with your body, yet remains flattering from every angle. If you’re tired of tight, unforgiving denim, these should be your first purchase.” –Maya Gandara

Levi's Wedgie Icon Jeans

“While I have countless pairs of jeans in my closet, this is the pair that I wear (and love) the most. The high-waisted, straight-leg fit is super flattering, and the medium wash pairs perfectly with everything else in my wardrobe. I love that the jeans are thick and structured but still have a bit of stretch in them that makes them super comfortable. Plus, they have a special seaming construction that lifts my backside and makes my butt look great.” –Rebecca Carhart 

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Jean in Enmore Wash: Raw-Hem Edition

“I love the look of vintage jeans but can never quite seem to find my fit. Thankfully, these jeans from Madewell nail that worn-in look but come in a high-rise design that’s super flattering. I also appreciate that these jeans come in multiple size options, from “petite” to “tall,” so they feel perfectly customized. And unlike “authentic” vintage jeans, these Madewell jeans have just a touch of stretch so I’m always comfortable.” –Stephanie Perry

Just Float On Flare Jeans

“I’ve never been much of a jeans person, or a fan of pants in general, until recently when I dipped my toes back into the denim waters by buying a pair of flare leg Free People jeans. Needless to say, that purchase led to another which has now solidified my stance that flare leg jeans are actually the best. I can’t help but feel like Penny Lane in Almost Famous when I wear these ones and they’re extremely comfy. Though short gals beware — you’ll most likely need to hem or go with a chunky heel. I always go with the latter.” –Jayla Andrulonis

Madewell Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Orland Wash

“My search for the perfect jeans has been an odyssey. Many (many) pairs I tried fit in the hips, but gaped at the waist. Or if they felt secure around my midsection, they were a pain the butt to get over my, well, butt. Not so with Madewell’s Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans! These stretchy-yet-supportive pants fit snuggly without constricting. And no matter if you’re petite, average, or tall, Madewell has a size for you. Plus, I love that the Orland wash is easy to dress up or down, and is incredibly flattering.” –Katie Macdonald 

Madewell Women's 10" High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Carbondale Wash

“Unlike other jeans, which usually take a few wears post-wash to feel comfortable again, these versatile jeans beautifully stretch to my hug shape straight out of the wash (no jumping or dancing to squeeze back in). They’re the perfect combination of stretchy and supportive, making them the most flattering pants I’ve ever owned. And I love that these classic pants look just as nice with a blazer as they do a t-shirt — I wear them with everything.” Jessica Leigh Mattern

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?