The Ultimate Kids Gift Guide for the Littles in Your Life

Is there anything better than the look of pure joy on the faces of kids when they unwrap a gift? Don’t think so. We asked members of the SwearBy community to share some of the gifts that they swear by for the littles in their lives. What we found was some inspiring, creative, and cleverly-produced gifts out there for a range of ages. From toys to accessories, we rounded up the gifts your little will love (and let's be honest, you will too).

Osmo Genius Kit Tool

These award-winning games transform your iPad into a hands-on learning tool. Editor Deborah Bae says it “makes her feel better about screen time” and Colleen Collins says it’s one of the “most clever games around”. Kate Cihon Swears that it’s “super fun, educational” and a “must for Christmas”.

Photo credit: Alexandra Rowley

Mad Mattr Ultimate Brick Maker

The secret to a well-behaved child? Going anywhere well-prepared and armed with the best toys to keep little hands and minds busy. Exhibit A: our friend Jessica, who keeps outings drama-free with Mad Matter, squishy kinetic sand that comes in a variety of colors and can be molded with this addictive little brick-maker.

Victoria Road Girls' Dresses and Matching Doll Dresses

“I’m the co-founder of this business, but that is not why I’m swearing by our matching girl and doll dresses,” says Megan Brosterman. “In fact, my daughters and their friends can’t get enough of these, and my 7-year-old was extremely involved with product development and pushing the idea to fruition! Talk about target market feedback.”

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set

Yes, we rave about Magna-Tiles all the time, but there’s so much love for this magnetic building toy on SwearBy, making it one of our top-ranked kids’ items. “This is a toy kids can continue to enjoy from age to age. They are durable and well made and extension packs are available. Because they are magnetic, it makes it easy for smaller children to build with them but there’s no limit to what they can create, making it a great toy for all ages. Bonus: not messy!” — Tum Cohl

Photo credit: Alexandra Rowley

Parista Really Big Coloring Poster

Also file under “Well-Behaved Children.” Our creative friend, Cricket, “brings these to family gatherings to keep kids of all ages entertained and working together harmoniously on a single project”. Available in a variety of themes but in always-stylish illustrations. With the ability to roll it up and unroll again later, “it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”


“This is one of the first board games that my kids could truly engage with and follow. The slider is fun and interactive, and then they get super excited when one of the chips matches the card. Just a fun, cute game for 3s and up!”- Kate

Photo credit: Alexandra Rowley


“Our 6 year-old son loves building and rebuilding complex marble runs and towers. He’ll often incorporate them into other structures such as Magnatiles. We set up races to see which sides go fastest. And when we feel really bananas, we dump all the marbles in and call it ‘rush hour’!” – Alexandra

Lego Boost Creative Tool Box

Neda Telabian Funk says that her LEGO-loving son loves the interactive nature of this set, perfect for 7+ year olds to learn the basics of coding, engineering and robotics. “It’s quite cool – you can program it using an app on your phone or iPad,” Swears Neda.

SenseBall Soccer Ball

“My kid swears by this SenseBall because it’s an addictive and fun way to build soccer skills. He can play in the house with no worry of a mess! Gains footwork skills and it is for players of all skill levels and all ages.” – Cricket Lengyel

Photo credit: Alexandra Rowley

Chibitronics Chibi Lights - LED Circuit Stickers STEM Starter Kit

This kit includes a notebook that leads the child through different circuit-building activities. Our friend Alexandra swears by these because it’s a STEM starter toy that is both scientific and artistic. The LED stickers, batteries, and copper tape work together to create little lights that get kids thinking about electricity and “how things work.” Alexandra says that “as a photographer, my passion is blending art and science, and I love how this activity integrates creative expression and formulaic scientific principles.”


“The cutest backpacks, perfect size for a little one starting preschool and older.” – Kristina Baynes-Reid

The Book with No Pictures

“There are some books my kids want to read over and over again and it hurts my brain…this isn’t one of them. Always just silly and fun no matter how many times they hear it.”- Regina Lawrence

Photo credit: Alexandra Rowley

Sushi Go Party! Card Game

Sebastian, 13, says that Sushi-Go is “quick, fun, not-too-easy and not-too-hard, and who doesn’t love sushi?!” His brother, Jasper, 12, says that “there are no games like it. You have multiple options of what type of game you want to play, and it’s a fun, fast-moving game to play with friends and family.” Their mom, Monica, says “I have no idea what it’s about. But they love it. Really.” A great gift for the kid who has everything, because they don’t usually have Sushi Go.

Spot It! Card Game

I can’t believe I didn’t swear by this sooner! Oh man, this is a great one. The kids always are super focused and happy when playing this game. It’s our go-to at restaurants because it’s so portable. And it’s challenging enough for adults, the kids can honestly beat us at times. 😉 – Regina Lawrence

Maileg Play Tea Set

“I love this tea set. My daughter is very whimsical. She has a huge imagination, like many kids, and this helps her get into ‘princess zone’ in a second. It’s so easy to grab, whether you’re traveling or on your way out to dinner. Quaint. Adorable. Nostalgic.” —Katya Libin

Whatchamadrawit Game

“This is a great game for kids around 6 years and up. It gives super funny drawing assignments that gives kids and adults the freedom to be creative and silly at the same time. My daughter loves to draw and she always wants to play this game.”- Kate

Photo credit: Alexandra Rowley

My Audio Pet

These adorable, itty-bitty speakers have SwearBy user Heather saying they are “super durable” and give off “incredible sound” despite their tiny frames. What’s better? They’re cute enough to delight any burgeoning lover of music or picky pre-teen. Comes in cat, panda, bear, pig, mouse, etc.

Nintendo Switch

For kids, it’s a wonderfully addictive and entertaining gadget. Even Editor Noor Khan is hooked, saying it “gives me strength.”

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