The Sunglasses Our SwearBy Editors Will Be Wearing Long After Summer

Just because it's Labor Day weekend doesn't mean the sun will suddenly stop shining — you still need to protect your eyes and look stylish while doing so. We asked some of our favorite SwearBy Editors what sunglasses they've been wearing all season long and plan on wearing long after the end-of-summer holiday. Here are their picks.

Bose Frames Rondo 49.5mm Audio Sunglasses

“These frames are incredible! Through some sort of engineering magic, Bose manages to play earbud-quality sounds without anything actually putting into your ear. What’s more, no one around you can hear what you’re playing. It’s insane! I even use them for phone calls, and no one has complained about the sound quality. The glasses’ battery lasts about three hours, which is more than enough time for my walks around the neighborhood. Plus, they are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear (even when I’m sweating).” –Katie Macdonald

Le Specs Women's Liar Liar Sunglasses

“These timeless shades beautifully complement everything in my closet—from casual jeans and t-shirts to cocktail dresses—and they remind me of the iconic sunnies sported by Holly Golightly in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I also love their heavy-duty frame, which has proven to be durable despite dropping them countless times.” –Jessica Leigh Mattern

Privé Revaux Candy Sunglasses

“I’ve been sporting these sunglasses in the black/rose gold shade ALL summer long. I love how they fit my face perfectly without being overly bulky and add an extra element of style to any outfit I wear. I’m so obsessed with them, I’m considering buying a couple more colors.” –Maya Gandara

Hermoza Sunglasses in Light Pink

“This has been the summer of pink sunglasses for me. It’s my way of adding a cheerful pop of color to any outfit, which gives me a little bit more pep in my step when I head out the door with a mask on to run an errand or have a picnic in the park with my roommate. I’m also prone to losing and/or damaging my sunglasses, so the $20 price for this pair of cute statement-making sunnies works for me.” –Christie Calucchia

Le Specs Caliente Sunglasses

“My eyes get easily tired when staring at bright sunlight, so I can’t go anywhere during the summer without my trusty sunglasses. It took me a while to find the perfect style for my facial shape, but once I realized that I prefer big cat-eye frames above all else, I’ve worn nothing else. This Le Specs option is currently my favorite since its large retro-flair frames prevent any brightness from seeping in through the sides. It even comes with UV protection, which gives my eyes some extra shielding from the sun.” –Nina Huang

Ray-Ban Icon Round Metal Sunglasses

“I tend to be conservative when it comes to my eyewear, opting for pieces that feel timeless and versatile — which is why I’m so surprised these trendy glasses are my summer go-to. The round frame is surprisingly flattering and while the style is vintage-inspired, the glasses look modern paired with everything in my wardrobe.” –Stephanie Perry

Heart Breaker Cat Eye Sun

“I am notorious for breaking and losing my sunglasses, so I gave up on investing in them long ago when I worked as a lifeguard through high school. But back in May, I ordered this oversized cat-eye pair from Free People and to my surprise still have them completely intact. Ironically the one pair I’ve been able to keep for a whole summer would be $25 but hey, I can’t complain because I do love them. The oversized style keeps my sensitive eyes protected and I like the little bit of edge they lend to whatever I’m wearing.” –Jayla Andrulonis

Blenders Eyewear Frosted Sunrise

“I used to be one of those who invested in eyewear and would only have one pair of expensive glasses. Once I found Blenders that was over, I have 5 or 6 pairs spread all over the house, car, and bike bag. What I love about Blenders is that they are polarized, I can throw them in my pocket and not worry about breaking or scratching. I honestly have been shocked at how scratch-resistant and tough they are for the price.” –Karla Lint

I am Karla, a former Cosmetologist, and current Office Maven. As you know, life moves pretty fast these days, I would rather grab some great product recommendations from you, instead of spending too much time shopping...who has time for that! I spend my days with my kids, dogs, husband, and career while still trying to find time to travel and spend time with friends.