The Fragrances SwearBy Editors Love for Summer

Maybe it’s the masks we’re wearing — or the fact that we’re spending so much time cooped up at home —but we’ve been spritzing perfume on ourselves like 16th-century French courtiers. Elizabeth Taylor said it best: “I never face the day without perfume.” And what days we've been facing! On a warm afternoon, there’s nothing lovelier than getting a whiff of bursting lilacs, a freshly baked cherry pie, or in this case, yourself in these summer-ready perfumes that SwearBy’s curators j’adore.

Jo Malone London Basil & Neroli Cologne

Back in college, I used to use Coppertone as a fragrance before going out to parties. The iconic scent conjures beachy fun in an instant, and that was just how I wanted to feel — even in January, even in drizzly Oregon. So this fragrance by Jo Malone has piqued my interest. As Anita Newhall puts it: “It’s not sweet, but more of a citrusy scent. It smells like Coppertone Suntan Lotion from my childhood—a happy scent!”

Glossier You Fragrance

If you’re looking for a unique fragrance, it doesn’t get any more personal than Glossier You. Editor Sara Tan says it smells different on every single person, due to the way the fragrance mixes with your skin’s oils. “It’s lightweight, so it’s not overpowering, but has a delightful, lingering scent that smells clean and bright. I wear it year-round, but think it’s especially great for the warmer months,” she writes.

B. Bungalow Bali Beach Night Fragrance

Want to decamp reality for a Tahitian atoll? You’re not alone. This perfume, created by celeb hairstylist Sarah Potempa, contains notes of Australian sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla and Hawaiian island coconut. “My sisters, my mom, and I opened a store called B. Bungalow. It’s now the lifestyle brand of The Beachwaver, and there’s a whole backstory to fragrances for us,” she says. “This one, this is my absolute favorite. It’s a little more warm and sophisticated than the others.”

NEST Cocoa Woods Perfume

Okay, so maybe you’re not trekking through the redwood forests of Yosemite this year, or curling up at a storied mountain lodge with an Ardbeg scotch. But you can smell like it. Says NYU student Emily Snider: Smells like whiskey and cocoa and vanilla and just general yumminess. I hate super chemically perfumes, and NEST does a really good job—I honestly love all of their fragrances, and this is def my favorite.”

The Lyfstyle Co. Good Vibes Perfume Oil

How you’ll feel about this scent is right there in the name: good vibes. “It’s a beautiful blend of coconut oil and White Amber and it smells so light and delicate on my skin,” says Susan Hay of this cruelty-free, crystal-infused vegan perfume oil. “Crystal infused could mean a couple different things to you. One, it’s got pretty sparkles floating in the bottle. Two, the blend is picking up that crystal energy so you get all the GOOD VIBES when you wear it!” Sounds like some necessary fairy dust to us.

AERIN Private Collection Waterlily Sun Eau de Parfum Spray

When a perfume’s poetic description sounds like a place we want to be—all “dewy greens” and “sunlight reflecting on water” and “waterlily”—yeah, suffice to say, we want to be wearing it. Says Christina Sirinyan, who worked in the fragrance industry for nearly 15 years: “I’m in love with this beautiful, feminine, fresh & clean perfume that has become my signature, everyday fragrance that takes me from day to night. It leaves the most beautiful trail and I am constantly receiving compliments!” Summer in a bottle.

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