The Fashion Uniform that Style Expert Brooke Jaffe Swears By

It seems that fashion, and more particularly style, is in Brooke Jaffe’s blood. As an on-air fashion and style expert, Brooke shares her tips and tricks with The Today Show, Inside Edition, and Good Day New York, to name a few. The rest of the day, she consults for fashion brands and runs her sophisticated style blog, Brooke Jaffe Style, which showcases her signature fashion POV, no doubt honed from her decade as Bloomingdale’s Women’s Fashion Director. Brooke has a deep love for jewelry (specifically costume) that started when she worked as an accessories editor at Vogue and then InStyle. “I’ve always been drawn to jewelry because my fashion choices are often simple. I gravitate towards classic styles that fit impeccably, and I believe that the clothes should never wear you. I love costume jewelry because I find the act of hunting for buried treasure fun and I love the thrill of finding funky, unique pieces that punctuate an outfit. The best conversation starters usually begin with ‘I love that necklace!’ And, everyone knows that I love to converse!” Here, Brooke shares her tried-and-true fashion staples that she swears by. Most are investment pieces, for sure, but together or separate, they serve as the perfect wardrobe essentials to create countless style combos.

Italian Stretch Cotton Katie Shirt

I’m really particular about my white shirts. This look is a nod to my childhood in DC — a place that is a mixture of preppy, classic, and even conservative fashion. There’s something about a white shirt that just resonates with me. I love it for its simplicity and and think it’s something every woman looks good in. I found this one from Lafayette 148, a brand that makes very high quality, investment-worthy clothing, but happens to be known for their white shirts. I love to roll up the sleeves, and this one has the perfect amount of elasticity in the fabric so you can really style the roll. I learned from the team at Theory to take this detail a little more seriously. Most white shirts don’t have stretch so you can’t make the roll stay in place. Also, this one isn’t actually a button-down; it has a placket covering where there would be buttons, but there actually are no buttons. It’s got this simple v-neck line which makes it a little less buttoned-up (pun intended) and even a little sexy. It feels relaxed and cool. It has the right shape to tuck in to skirts or jeans, and you don’t have that typical white shirt panic, wondering if there’s gapping between buttons. This shirt works well on all bust sizes. It’s what I like to refer to as ‘a winner.’

Derek Lam 10 Crosby

These were a find. The mom jean and rigid denim trend started two years ago, and I was feeling like I couldn’t find my pair. Then I found these. They’re from the contemporary line for Derek Lam called 10 Crosby. I just love them. I feel securely fastened in my fashion ‘seat belt’ when I wear them; everything is held in place. They have the modern shape, and I love the way the bottom hem of my pant meets just below the top of my boot, which is just ever so slightly covered. They’re part of my signature wardrobe. I’ve always loved tucking in shirts and highlighting my waist. The higher rise jeans really emphasize a great shirt, blouse, or body suit. I like mixing and matching my top styles and layering blazers. These jeans work with just about everything.

Barneys New York

I tend to be a classic gal. I love my camel coat from Barneys, which makes awesome styles every season and the prices are quite reasonable, given the great quality. It’s a great place to supplement any wardrobe ‘holes.’ I had been wanting a camel coat for a long time. I learned quickly that Fashion Week in February and March is really about your outerwear. When it was so cold, having a great coat always felt like all that mattered. Camel is classic, versatile, neutral, and not black! For me, it was a wardrobe game-changer. It’s simple and sleek and not transient. It feel like myself in this coat.”

Kenneth Jay Lane Hoop Earrings

I am a costume jewelry junkie but with that said, I have a few pieces that I wear over and over again. They are the punctuation points to so much of my wardrobe and the thing that ultimately makes me feel completely dressed and pulled together. I have always had a preference for gold tone jewelry based on my coloring. Hoops are a classic and I wear variations on the hoop earrings all the time. It's a no fail look. I love this pair because it packs a little more punch than the average hoop. It's super high res polished finish is a Kenneth Jay Lane specialty and gives the effect of something far more expensive. They are a pop earring even though the scale is medium. Kenneth Jay Lane is a fashion legend and I have gone back to his pieces over and over again because he invented the concept of luxury costume jewelry. They feel more like collectors items than junk jewelry.

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