The Best Winter Gear for Your Pets

TELL NO ONE, but I once spent upwards of $165 on a (now discontinued) Wagwear wool sweater for my papillon, Huckleberry. This was before I had a human child, and he was soaking up every ounce of my maternal affection—and apparently, my extracurricular funds. (My farm boy grandfather would roll over in his grave if he knew what I’d spent on a dog). The thing is, I don’t regret it. He looks cozy AF in it and, years later, the sweater itself looks brand new. 

To keep Huckleberry and other pets cozy on all the dark winter days ahead, we rounded up a few more cold-weather faves, all tailor-made to keep our perfect pawed friends comfy.

Orthopedic Cat Bed - The Anti-Anxiety Calming Bed for Cats

Yes, cats get anxiety too. And yes, there are plenty of things you can do about it, but the easiest option may just be these furry orthopedic cat beds. “My cat LOVES this thing—he curls up in it and doesn’t move for hours,” says Madeleine Letellier. “It’s warm and soft, and there’s apparently something about the cozy nest-like bed that cats (and dogs) find soothing.”

Frenchie Duo Reversible Harness - Buffalo Plaid

Ok, so this technically isn’t for cold weather—but wouldn’t this harness pattern look tres chic in the snow? “Frenchie Bulldog makes my absolute favorite dog gear, and it’s not just because I have a French Bulldog (but it helps),” says SwearBy’s Content Director Sara Tan of this reversible harness, a must for preventing pulling on tiny dog’s delicate necks. “It can be difficult for pet owners to find cute and stylish dog harnesses, leashes, and collars that not only fit, but also last longer than a few months. Frenchie Bulldog’s pieces are all that — they’re made with quality materials, fit comfortably (or so it seems!), come in incredibly adorable prints and colors, and won’t cost you more than $40. They also make adorable sweaters and hoodies, too!” Serious question: can they make matching outfits for Mom?

American Beagle Outfitters Reversible Doggy Puffer Jacket

We know dogs have fur coats and all, but not all fur is created equal—especially in a snurricane. For those extra frigid days, Courtney Bowers loves this reversible puffer jacket with a faux shearling lining. “Who knew that American Eagle sold gear for dogs? Maybe I’m late to the party, but this jacket is seriously the cutest, coziest way to keep your pup warm this winter.” Best part: it wraps on tightly with easy-on velcro.

The Foggy Dog Black and White Check Flannel Bandana

Do dogs need scarves? No. Do they want them? I think so. Because nothing is more jaunty beside a wagging tail than a sassy bandana. “Keep your doggo warm this winter while keeping him dapper thanks to this cozy flannel bandana,” says Courtney Bowers of these American-made lovelies, which come in white and red buffalo plaid. “The fabric is super thick and comfy and The Foggy Dog’s classic check print and pretty plaids are just too precious on pups.” Bonus: Fido will be easier to spot at the dog park. 

FRISCO Fair Isle Dog & Cat Knitted Hat

Heat escapes through the head on animals, too—or so I’d like to believe, if it means Huckleberry will don this adorkable knit cap. “This snuggly fair isle hat just could not be any cuter!” says  Courtney Bowers. “I love that it has built in places for your dog’s ears, plus a customizable chin strap to guarantee the coziest fit.” Did I mention it costs just $9? I think even my grandfather would approve. 

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