The Best Way to Spend Your Downtime During the Winter Lull

Whether you're taking some much-deserved time off before the new year or are stuck at home due to weather (or a global pandemic), you're probably finding yourself with more downtime than usual this winter. And while that's great and all, staying busy doing nothing can sometimes drive you to boredom. If you're having trouble enjoying the peace and quiet, look no further than these swears from our editors. From roller skates to jigsaw puzzles, these products will prevent you from getting a little too stir-crazy.

Hoka One One Clifton 7 Running Shoes

“After Christmas, I always like to get a head start on my fitness goals for the year ahead, and I know these will come in handy! These lightweight, but incredibly supportive running shoes are my go-to for all kinds of activities. Whether I’m hitting the pavement to log a few miles, working up a sweat in an OrangeTheory class, setting out for a long walk, or hiking my favorite trail, these comfy sneakers keep my feet happy for hours.” — Jessica Leigh Mattern


“I’m jumping on the roller skating bandwagon with absolutely zero shame. After months of looking at skates, these ones from Intentionally Blank popped up on my Instagram sponsored ads (why are they SO spot on?!) and I decided it was a sign. I plan on spending the next few weeks practicing outside at my local skate park in hopes of someday getting good enough for roller derby. A gal can dream.” — Jayla Andrulonis 

Galison Love Lives Here 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

“I like to spend the days between Christmas and New Year’s relaxing at home. Since I usually take this time off from work, I also try to spend as little time on my phone as possible. Instead, I like to read, craft, or work on a new puzzle. This puzzle is not only fun and challenging, it’s also super cute. And at just $14, it’s affordable enough so I can grab a couple of others as well.” — Stephanie Perry

The Resistance: Avalon Board Game

“My family usually spend the period from Christmas all the way through New Year’s Day together, and our favorite thing to do on the slightly less hectic days between the two holidays is to play board games. One game that we can never get enough of is Avalon, a deduction party game with an Arthurian legend theme. The ultimate goal of the game is to figure out and defeat the hidden evil characters who are working on behalf of Mordred, King Arthur’s foe, to sabotage Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. It’s especially fun if you’ve picked the card to be the evil characters, where you get to sow chaos and mistrust amongst the good Arthurian knights. Avalon is our family’s favorite game of all time, and a crowd-pleaser that easily passes the time.” — Nina Huang's Rough Draft Large Notebook

“Blame it on the six years I lived in L.A., but I’m a big proponent of setting intentions with the goal of manifesting what I want out of life. That often involves telling my dreams to anyone who will listen and writing them down, preferably in a cute notebook like this one from This year, I’ll be carving out time during the long days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to reflect on the past, focus on the future, and write down what I hope to bring into my life in 2021. It’s my own version of a New Year’s resolution list, only instead of committing to major life changes, I write down the kinds of connections and experiences I want to invite into my life.” — Christie Calucchia

The Five Minute Journal

“With the new year right around the corner, there’s no better time in the days leading up to reflect on what you want moving forward. This handy journal carves out 5 minutes a day, morning and night, for you to center yourself and have a quiet moment of thinking. It’s the perfect alternative option for those who find it difficult to maintain a journal, too.” — Maya Gandara

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

“Any time I have a break, I like to go hiking with my boyfriend. And after many embarrassing falls down steep trails, we decided to invest in some trekking poles. These are lightweight and adjustable, which is helpful for going both up and down trails and for storing in our packs. We’ve already used them while traversing rocky and muddy terrain, and I’m hoping they’ll be just as handy in the snow this winter.” — Katie Macdonald 

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