The Best Gifts for Tech Junkies

It can be a struggle to figure out what to get for the techie in your life, especially when they are so much more plugged in to what's new than the rest of us. Luckily, you can bet that your tech junkie friend is already well equipped with the basics, which means you can get a little creative when it comes to gifting. From the products that will help them stay healthy while maintaining their tech habit, to the products that are almost certainly on their wishlist this year, the most technology-obsessed SwearBy editors are here to help you find the perfect gift for your very favorite gadget guru.


Ember Mug²

I feel the need to introduce everyone I love in my life to the amazingness that is this mug! It has truly upped my work-from-home game and there’s just nothing like having every sip of coffee feel like the very first one. You can find and set your perfect coffee or tea sipping temp through the handy app on your phone.” — Courtney Bowers

iPhone 12 Pro Max

“I have always been an early adopter when it comes to Apple’s iPhones, likely because it is the thing I use and rely on the most in my life (much like everyone else). I do basically everything on my phone — connect with friends, check emails, watch videos, take photos, read the news, order groceries, etc. It’s basically an extension of my arm at this point. When Apple announced they were creating their biggest and best phone yet, I knew I had to have it, especially as a new mom. The epic camera alone was worth it. Not only is the quality of the photos incredible, but night mode has improved as well as close-up zooming. I also love the chic, flat-sided design. The phone itself is huge — it might not fit into all of your jean pockets — however, this means that the display is larger,  perfect for all of the content I’m consuming, especially videos. Lastly, the battery is better than ever, so I can use it all day long without having to recharge it. I’m sure that when the next new iPhone comes out, I’ll be ready for the upgrade, but for now, there’s nothing else I could ask for in a phone.” — Sara Tan

WHOOP Fitness Tracker

“The best fitness tracker EVER and a fave among pro athletes. Plus, for the data-obsessed like me, it’s an absolute dream. It tracks sleep and recovery super well, so I know when to pull back and take a rest day. Highly recommend as a gift for any fitness fiend who also happens to be a tech nerd.” – Liz Deadrick

AirPods Pro

I swear I always have one of these in my ear. They’re noise cancelling and I use them for everything from personal and conf calls to podcasts, webinars on my desktop etc. I love these and my husband engraved them with my initials. I had two pairs of the regular AirPods before this one (which I’ve kept but I only use them now if these aren’t charged). There’s almost no comparison. These are incredible.” — Gabrielle Rosen


Mark & Graham Leather Charger Roll Up

I bought this tech roll up for my brother-in-law last year, and he absolutely loved it! For an extra $12, you can get their initials monogrammed on it; making it feel like a personal, thoughtful and — best of all — useful gift.” – Maria Pedone

Hatch Better Sleep for Everyone

“My nighttime routine has become deeply, deeply important to me, because I really value my sleep. I am not someone that can function after a bad night’s sleep, and I have always (and I really do mean always) struggled with waking up from alarms—if my body needs more rest, you can trust I will sleep through that alarm.

This gorgeous alarm clock allows you to personalize a nighttime routine, ensuring you sleep through the night, and wake up feeling refreshed. From a soft-glow reading light (minus the eye-straining blue light), to a gentle wake up sunrise alarm, this thing is a lifesaver — and the perfect for anyone who is always looking for the next cool gadget (and loves their sleep, obviously).” – Madeleine Letellier

J. Crew Round Blue-light Glasses for Women

I absolutely love my blue-light glasses! I was never aware of how fatigued my eyes felt at the end of the workday until I got these glasses. My eyes feel more awake and I also get fewer headaches than before. Plus, they’re so cute and stylish! These glasses are the perfect gift for anyone you know who is working from home and tied to their screens.” – Mary Deadrick

The LARQ Bottle

“I got this for Christmas last year and it has truly been the best gift I have ever received! I am literally the laziest person when it comes to washing my water bottles. I just do not want to do it and I don’t even want to think about how gross they get and all the germs I end up drinking. But with the Larq water bottle, I never have to worry about that! It does the cleaning for me and all you have to do is charge the top once every couple of months.” – Courtney Bowers

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